Make sure your sequence does not contain any characters apart from standard single letter amino acid codes and length greater than or equal to 30.


Only raw sequence format is accepted. FASTA format is not accepted.

3 Detailed results can be obtained by selecting "Detailed result" option, before submitting the query.

The confident score closer to 1 is considered to have higher proability that the query protein resides in the predicted location.


The ADA_AA, ADA_PSM, ADA_CTD, ADA_CPF, ADA_HYB, Signal Peptide and BLAST are different modules used in APSLAP. Refer the article for more explanation.


The values in the tables are vote (weight) of the particular subcellular localization for the corresponding modules. The localization with the maximum vote for the corresponding modules is bold faced.


Symbol "+" in the signal peptide module under secretory column and "-" in all other column indicates the presence of secretory signal peptide. Symbol "+" in all other column and "-" in secretory column indicates the absence of secretory signal peptide.


The values in the BLAST module indicates the percentage of similarity with the corresponding sub cellular localized protein. The value of 0.32 means a similarity of 32%, a value of 1 means a similarity of 100%, and a value of 0.045 means a similarity of 4.5%.


Function prediction result, if option selected before prediction, is self explanatory. Note: It may take a little more time if function prediction option is selected.


The result from the signalP prediction and BLAST alignment for location prediction and function prediction could be found at the bottom of the result page.

For further queries contact Saravanan Vijayakumar (brsaran@bicpu.edu.in)

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